The most magical, memorable, mesmerizing travel destination on earth

Let India astound your senses and open your eyes. India will bedazzle you like nowhere else on earth. You will see beauty and experience wonder in a new way. You will discover India as a magical travel destination where all things are possible. And you will never be the same.

To us, India is the most soul stirring travel destination on earth. She will overwhelm your senses with a kaleidoscope of vivid colours, strong scents, awe-inspiring splendour, and heart-breaking moments. Unravelling India is an experience that few forget.

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The healing sanctity of immersion into nature’s elements

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I love to travel and India has been in my list for sometime but I was a bit worried about going as a female traveler and I also knew that I wanted to have a unique experience- one where I wasn’t going to need to have a vacation from my vacation. When I found the Open Eyes wellness retreat, it was a perfect combination of what I was looking for- combining the opportunity to see parts of India and also incorporate wellness into my trip- so I got the best of both.